Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vintage Fun

I love love love vintage things! I especially love vintage objects that were used for everyday life, 
keys are some of favorites.  A friend of mine, Kelly, found me some keys while she was out antiquing.  When I saw them I knew just what crafty I was going to do.  Kelly and I were out looking for some more great finds and I got an old clock, a fence post cap, and some great burlap ribbon (I have never seen burlap ribbon but my house will soon be covered with it).  

 I took my wonderful keys and my great ribbon and I made a little sign.  I had an 8 x 10 picture frame and I used that as my back drop.  I covered it with purple fabric and went from there. 

I had some scrabble tiles that spelled "dream" and thought those would be great with the keys.  I used my die-cut machine and cut square tags to frame the tiles.  I took a black ink pad and stamped the edges of the tags, it gives it a vintage style. I then added an eyelet. 

I glued the tiles down on the paper and glued them to the burlap ribbon.  At the last minute I decided to string some wire through the eyelets, I'm glad I added it! I then secured the banner to the fabric with some hot glue. 

All that was left was to sew the keys to the fabric.  I played around with lots of different layouts and then just finally started attaching them.  I used thick black embroidery floss to make sure it lasted.  I put my new sign in my old frame and I was done!!

I set my sign next to my new treasures in my living room.  It's a happy little reminder to dream everyday!


  1. Very cool. Look good with the clock and iron piece too. Had fun. Snohomish rocks!

  2. Very vintage looking and so sweet :)
    Love Lisa C

  3. OMG, I love the scrabble tiles!! You are amazing!
    Love you