Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture Frame Makeover

I love having pretty things on my walls.  I had a great picture of my husband and I on a small wall in the living room.  The wall was a little plain for my liking so  I made some art to surround.  

I bough eightt 4 x 6 unfinished wood picture frames from Michael's and painted them white.

I wanted to put pictures in a few but I needed some texture in my living room as well, so I framed a couple different things.
A friend gave me this star for Christmas a while ago, it says wishes on it, and I love it! I glued some fabric down and then framed it. 

I love anything vintage! I had this key that was on a necklace friends got me for my birthday one year.  I stitched it to some fun fabric and framed it. 

No project of mine would be complete without some ribbon. 

This one is fun because it was the cake topper (on our giant cupcake) at our wedding.  I took some yarn and stitched it to some fabric and glued the eggs down. 

I have been playing with fabric flowers lately and I really like this technique.  It frays a little and I enjoy the style.  The background fabric matches a seat cushion on the bench in my living room.  

I put in a few of my favorite pictures and I was all done!




  1. Cute! I love the one with the key, and my favorite is the fabric flower one! I want to make some of those. I love all the texture

  2. Will you make some flowers like that from scraps that I can attach to hairclips for my girls? Those are sooo cute, and I need some new ways to spice up the hair-stuff drawer.~Christine