Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby needs a changing pad

Here is another baby crafty! I have seen tons of cute changing pads out there, and I decided to make one for myself.  Of course I had to pick purple fabric with birds on it! I made it with a pocket for wipes or a diaper, and it has a velcro closure.  The finished pad measures 13.5 x 21.5 and folds up to fit right into a diaper bag. It was super easy and super fun to make!!


Cut the fabric to measure 14 x 22 inches.  The purple fabric is cotton,  the inside is a soft terry cloth, I fused fleece interfacing to the wrong side of the cotton fabric to give it a little bit more padding.  

For the pocket cut the piece to be 7.5 high.  Fold down a 1/4 inch and iron at the top of the pocket and top stitch.

Lay the terry cloth down with the pocket right side up at the bottom, then lay the cotton fabric right side down on top to create a sandwich with the pocket in the middle.  Pin all sides together and sew down all sides leaving a space to flip the fabric right side out.

Hole at the top to turn right side out. Clip the corners to get a nice square once it is flipped. 

The last step was attaching the velcro.  Fold up the pad and pin velcro where you want it.  I used the soft half at the top of the pad and the other scratchy half is on the back of the pad, that way baby won't irritate her skin. 

That's it, about an hour later I had a custom changing pad!!