Monday, January 31, 2011

Two Uses for Tea Towels

I love cute tea towels! I'm so fortunate enough that my Grandma makes me tea towels every year.  For our wedding she made us a cute set with dishes on them,  I wanted to have them displayed all the time. I decided to make curtains out of them for the kitchen.
There was no sewing involved, that way I can change them whenever I want.  I folded the towels to the desired length and then ironed a nice crease.  I used cafe curtain clips to attach them to the curtain rod.
The whole process took about 20 minutes and I get to enjoy my Grandma's work everyday!!

It is no secret that I love to be organized.  I have so many baskets around the house for different stuff.  I needed a liner for a square basket that could be easily washed.  I took my all time favorite towels and folded one over each side of the basket to get the right size, then I ironed them to keep the size.

I put grommets in each corner and tied each corner with a different ribbon bow to hold them in place.
 When the towels get dirty I just untie the bow and throw them in the washer.  I not only love how these two projects look, but I love that my Grandma's towels are used.


  1. Shout out to Grandma Ang!!
    xoxo Lisa

  2. OMG, I LOVE THESE TEA TOWELS, so vintage and so my style. How inventive to make them into curtains. When my Grandma passed I was able to get a bunch of her old towels, but none as cute as these, just love it!

  3. I knew you would appreciate it Lisa! Thanks Nancy, vintage is always fun.